Trademark Law

Protect your investment in your brand

What’s in a name? When it’s the trademark of your product or company, it’s one of your most valuable business assets.

Our attorneys help you pick brand names that won’t infringe on other trademarks, reducing the risk of your needing to rebrand after you have already invested heavily in a name. And by securing the ownership of your trademarks, we can help you prevent others from taking advantage of you by free-riding on your brand’s reputation. We handle:

    • trademark searches & registration
    • defending trademarks from infringers
    • licensing deals
    • selling trademarks between companies
    • counseling on branding strategy

Nationwide service

We work with companies and marketing & branding firms worldwide, from Europe to Silicon Valley to Maine.

Affordable, flat-fee trademark services

Our fixed-fee trademark services include trademark knockout searches ($400 per mark per class) and trademark applications ($475 per mark per class) plus filing fees. We offer bulk discounts on these same services. Contact attorney Andrew Kraus for more information about our trademark practice.