Trusts and Estates

Wills and Trusts and Directives, oh my…

Protect your future. Leave a legacy.

At Opticliff Law, we understand that estate planning can be daunting and emotional. We provide you with the peace of mind in helping you prepare for the unexpected. It’s one of those things that if you don’t go through the process of planning for the future, you make the choice of putting it in the hands of someone else – someone who never knew you and has no idea what’s important to you.

Let us help make the process as simple and painless as possible. Our estate planning lawyers are compassionate, understanding listeners who have deep knowledge of the various tools available to you to protect your assets now and plan for your family’s future when you are gone.

We handle:

    • Will and testament
    • Will amendments (called codicils)
    • Powers of Attorney
    • Healthcare Directives (aka Living Wills)
    • Trusts
    • Premarital Agreements
    • General estate planning advice and counsel

Make it easy on your family

Often people do not consider that proper estate planning eases the difficulty of losing a loved one (for those who have to deal with the estate) by simplifying (or eliminating) the probate and transfer process. Give your successors the gift of spending less time with lawyers and more time with family, grieving properly.

Affordable, flat rates

Many of our estate planning packages are fixed-fee, and quite affordable for small estates. Larger estates generally require highly specific and customized work, as well as various legal instruments. Email us at for more information about our estate planning practice.

See rates below.

Estate Planning Package Fees

Why flat fees?  Legal services, like all other business expenses, should be as predictable as possible so you can set a budget, get what you need, and focus your energies on building your business and life.

  • Basic Will

  • $750 - 1350
  • Starting at $750 for One Person, $1350 for Spouses with Mirrored Wills

    • Will
    • Advanced Health Care Directive
    • Power of Attorney
    • Final Arrangements & Wishes
    • Fireproof Document Organizer (USB with all Documents)

  • Revocable Living Trust

  • $2,500
  • Starting at $2,500. Family starting at $3000

    • Revocable Living Trust
    • Pour-over Will
    • Advanced Health Care Directive
    • Power of Attorney
    • Final Arrangements & Wishes
    • Funding Memorandum
    • Transfer Deed (filing fee included)
    • Fireproof Document Organizer (USB with all Documents)

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