2024 Annual Report Process


Auto Pay / Enter Payment Method

All registered agent/clerk clients need to be on auto-pay, because we believe in making things easier for you (and us!). For return clients, you don’t need to take action, as your card will run automatically. If your card is expired or declined, we will notify you to update it. If you are brand new or don’t have a card on file, get set up here.


Provide Information

Complete the simple, intuitive form to provide all the info we need to check this off your list. This will come in a personalized email.


Task Complete

At this point, we will take it from here and email you the company’s annual report. Just relax and carry on running your business!

Step 1

Let’s get started by setting up Auto-Pay

To make all of our lives just a tiny bit easier (who doesn’t need that?!), we now require automatic annual payments for registered agent /clerk clients. Click here to get set upplease be sure to include the name of your company. If you ever want to change agents, just let us know. 😅

Step 2

Complete the form

Please let us know if there are any changes to your company since last year. If your company is new, and this is your first annual report, please provide all current information for your company or organization. Remember to use business addresses whenever possible! This is required whether you are new to Opticliff Law this year or an existing client. Lots of people change their information without telling us.  🤔  ⬇

Most Frequently Asked Questions

(About Registered Agent/Clerk and Annual Reports)

To read the full FAQ, click here.

Please note: This is general information about various types of Maine business organizations. Before taking any particular action based on this information, please discuss with your Opticliff Law attorney to ensure that the action is appropriate for your business.

What is an Annual Report and why is it important?

Each year, your company is required to report to the Maine Secretary of State if it intends to do business in Maine that year. As your Registered Agent, we offer to file this report on your behalf for no additional charge and require you to answer questions about your business and payment. It’s the state’s way of keeping track of all the active companies doing significant business in the state.


What happens if I don’t complete the form?

We always recommend that every company and organization complete this form to ensure we have the most up to date information.

For existing clients who Opticliff Law serves as registered agent or clerk and have already processed an annual report for the previous year, then we will process this year’s annual report with last year’s information. However if the information has changed, we urge you to complete the form immediately to avoid any issues (please refer to the next question).

If this is your first time filing an annual report or our process is new to you, it’s important we have a completed form for your company or organization. Not having this information means, we cannot file an annual report for your company. Contact our team if you have any questions.


What if there are changes after it’s been processed?

If you need to make changes to an Annual Report that has already been processed, there is an additional fee of $135 to make the change. When in doubt, contact us first!


How long will it take to process my annual report?

It will take several business days before we process your annual report. Once completed, an email with your annual report will be delivered to your inbox. We ask that you please make sure to provide us with the most current email address to avoid missing any important information for the company.


I don’t seem to get your emails?

This happens sometimes, check your spam folder. If not, send us an email with your most up to date email and contact information. We will be sending all emails from reports@opticliff.com this year. Definitely make sure that any email from the “opticliff.com” domain is marked as trusted. Technology can be tricky sometimes!


I don’t know if I want to keep this company going? What are the next steps?

You should probably book an annual check-up with a lawyer to help you decide.