Startup Law

Where founders and investors come together to innovate for a better world.

Get Ready to Launch. Like a Boss.

It’s exciting and creative.

We work with founders and investors through the various stages of building a scaleable company leveraging a company’s equity. Let’s get creative about how to structure investments that protect founders and investors alike, and provide mechanisms to move a project forward, even in the face of adversity.

It’s also very serious.

Debt and equity instruments – and even SAFEs – are all broadly defined as “securities” by the Securities Exchange Commission, and securities are regulated by state and federal laws, rules and regulations. These are agencies that don’t tend to mess around. We’ll help you design your cap table, structure your raise, and produce the legal documents to get it done. Proper.

We handle:

    • Complex corporate and LLC structure
    • Equity-based incentive plans
    • Intellectual property protection and licensing
    • Convertible debt instruments and SAFE agreements
    • Rule 506(b) exempted offerings

More than a law firm, a team member

At Opticliff Law, we strive to help your business achieve its goals well beyond the law. Through our ongoing commitment to the startup community, we have an exceptional network of resources and contributors within this dynamic ecosystem, and we share these with our clients.

Startup-friendly approach and pricing

Our team understands that legal counsel has a role in every company’s journey, and that varies greatly depending on the skills of the founders. We seek to understand how we can best assist you: do you want us to do it all, or do you want to roll up your sleeves?

We also know that cash is often hard to come by in the early phases. We seek to assist as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible, and want to design fee arrangements that work for both of us. Email us at for more information about our startup practice, or book an initial conversation here.

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