C&M Ceramics LLC


Client Since: 2016

Services Used: Business, StartUps, Contracts

Company Description: C&M Ceramics is a collaborative design, small batch ceramic production company, and one of a kind art studio.

Location: Scarborough, ME


Every C&M product is handmade — being a small scale production company means being involved in every aspect of the making process. Whether I am slip casting a custom project, jiggering plates for a restaurant, or throwing my signature line on the wheel, every bit of clay will pass through my hands. This gives me the opportunity to fine tune each piece and create a well considered beautiful product.

Kind Words:Zeke has done a wonderful job of helping me navigate the labyrinth of legal necessities for my business. Through our dialogues, and framing of contracts, he really helped shape the way I think about my business. With the products and resources he supplied, I felt empowered to continue to grow my client base with confidence.

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