We moved!

We moved!

For those of us who know our firm well, your reaction to this headline is less like, “Wow, awesome!” and more like, “Finally! Jeez, what took so long?”  I feel like we grew out of our humble office at Think Tank about 2 years ago. We just loved it so much there, that we had to stay. The people, the energy, the chance to be graced by the presence of our good friend and client Pat Roche each day? What’s not to LOVE?! [enter incomprehensible wave of winkie emojis]

But alas, it is a bittersweet moment in the history of this small firm. We have been a proud member – a stalwart mainstay, frankly – of Think Tank Coworking on Congress St. since July 2012. Each day we held on, crunching in to our tiny office, crushing the startup legal world. But now, we’ve embraced our admission – the time to move on is here. We are sad to leave our friends and coworkers (and some clients), but we are excited to be, as they say, movin’ on up! Our new location is 123 Free St, Suite 200, where we join our new friends, Spinnaker Trust.  We aren’t far from the old Tank and we promise not to be strangers. Thank you, Think Tank, and thank you, Pat Roche, for over 5 years of utter coworking bliss!

And a note about our new space: it’s a wee large for just us. We seek office mates. We have a few professional offices available (each with windows), and prefer to work alongside like-minded people. The space features glass walls, lots of natural light, a conference room and other common space, fast & secure internet, and 24/7 card-keyed building access. Plus, really great people.

Please contact the management of the space, which is called Blue Heron Office Suites, at blueheronoffices@gmail.com.

Zeke Callanan

Zeke founded Opticliff Law in 2012. He thrives on new ideas and brainstorming with clients about thinking bigger, and growing mere ideas to sustainable business plans. He works with startups, growing companies, and evolving relationships through entity formation and strategy, everyday business contracts, and complex fundraising compliance work. Zeke is very involved in his community, and supports local growth and progress through his network.