March 16, 2020

Dear Clients, Colleagues, & Friends,

With the rapidly evolving nature of the COVID-19 outbreak, we want to provide you all with a brief update on our firm’s operations.

  • Remote Work. All attorneys and staff will be working remotely. Our systems are designed to be accessed remotely so there should be no major interruption should something prevent us from working from the office. However, this global health crisis has not been without disturbances, as our employees and their families are managing the challenges of “social distancing” (read: no school/daycare, et al). We ask for your patience if, during this difficult time, deadlines are extended, or you notice an uptick in turnaround time. In addition, please understand that some people’s needs, which may arise at any moment, may inherently require our immediate attention, thus delaying our previously scheduled projects.
  • Virtual Meetings Only. Effective immediately, we will not host any in-person meetings at our office, nor is our office open for drop-ins. Each attorney is available for virtual meetings and phone calls during normal business hours, as their schedules allow.
  • Processing of Filings. We will be monitoring whether the National Emergency declaration will have any impact on filing deadlines or processing times at the State and Federal level. We are, however, advising that anyone needing to make a Maine State filing use “expedited 24-hour service” because (1) we would receive an email copy of your approved filings (and not for regular filings); and (2) expedited filings will be approved substantially faster than regular filings, particularly now, when processing times are delayed.
  • Questions Related to COVID-19. If you have any legal questions about how this pandemic may affect your business, please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition, the CDC has put out guidance for businesses and employers on dealing with COVID-19 prevention in the workplace.

Please be safe and we encourage everyone to practice fairly strict social distancing until this thing is under control. It’s a team effort out there.


Opticliff Law





Zeke Callanan

Zeke founded Opticliff Law in 2012. He thrives on new ideas and brainstorming with clients about thinking bigger, and growing mere ideas to sustainable business plans. He works with startups, growing companies, and evolving relationships through entity formation and strategy, everyday business contracts, and complex fundraising compliance work. Zeke is very involved in his community, and supports local growth and progress through his network.