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Meet the Opticliff Team.

Ezekiel Callanan

(207) 370-4180
Admitted: ME, MA

Zeke founded Opticliff Law in 2012. He thrives on new ideas and brainstorming with clients about thinking bigger, and growing mere ideas to sustainable business plans. He works with startups, growing companies, and evolving relationships through entity formation and strategy, everyday business contracts, and complex fundraising compliance work. Zeke is very involved in his community (and therefore so is Opticliff Law!), and supports local growth and progress through his network. True to the entrepreneurial clients he represents, Zeke also has a side gig with his brother Nick, as co-founders of Facial Hair Entertainment, LLC.

Andrew Kraus

(207) 200-7760
Admitted: ME

Andrew strives to provide clients with the tools they need to succeed in the creative economy. His trademark practice engages business owners and their marketing teams to ensure the value of their creations are protected. His business practice advises clients on how to protect themselves while creating a sustainable and compliant business endeavor. Andrew sits on the board of the Maine Coast Fisherman’s Association, and his involvement in the startup community has him serving as an organizer for 2 Degrees Portland and Startup Maine.

Adam Nyhan

Admitted: NY

Adam has practiced law for eleven years. He has represented Discover Financial Services, News Corporation, a global pharmaceutical firm, and smaller firms in the real estate, software and financial services sectors. He co-founded LegaLaunch, a California Internet startup, and served as General Counsel and Product Manager at New York City’s Alchemy Innovation Group. He spent seven years as a commercial litigator at Constantine Cannon LLP, a leading New York City antitrust firm. Now happily living in his home state of Maine again, Adam is an organizer of local economic development initiatives including York County Pitch Night and Startup Maine.

Thomas Brems

Admitted: ME

Thomas is passionate about business, trademark, and import/export law. Adjunct professor of import/export law at The University of Maine School of Law (Fall 2018), and owner of Victorieux Champagne importation company and brand, Thomas has hands-on experience and knowledge in his practice areas of interest. First-name familiarity with State regulators, industry leaders, and cultural practices of the New England alcohol industry provides Thomas a competitive edge in facilitating our clients’ alcohol sales compliance needs. Thomas was selected by the faculty of The University of Maine School of Law to receive the Intellectual Property Award for his class, and the Bride Family Fund Entrepreneurial Fellowship … twice! Thomas is comfortable with international issues in law and business, and can comfortably communicate in French.

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