Software, Technology and Privacy Law

We help tech companies grow and build killer products.

We represent all participants in the software & tech ecosystem, including founders, companies, employees, freelancers and investors. Our team includes attorneys licensed to practice law in New York, Massachusetts and Maine, representing software firms from Europe to Silicon Valley to Maine.

We guide tech firms through everything they need to succeed:

  • Forming tech companies
  • Intellectual property protection, licensing and strategy (copyright and trademark)
  • Software law: licensing, SaaS, custom development, APIs and software reseller agreements
  • Privacy policies and privacy law compliance
  • Outsourcing and cloud computing
  • Website and software Terms of Use
  • Negotiating B2B software deals
  • Fundraising from angel investors, venture capitalists and other investors

We also represent software firms and other companies worldwide that seek counsel in the United States to assist them with sales and contracting with American clients or other issues of American law.

We offer competitive legal fees.

We offer fixed-fee arrangements wherever possible. Contact attorney Adam Nyhan for more information about our software and privacy practice.