Loida A. Otero

Loida at Opticliff Law

Areas of expertise

Client relations

Legal and administrative support

Office management


Austin W. Marxe School of Public & International Affairs, BS (Public Affairs & Psychology)


123 Free Street, Suite 200
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 370-7776

Loida is our Client and Operations Specialist who puts the client first… always.

Pro-active problem-solving is Loida’s forte. She has spent several years honing the uncanny ability to anticipate client needs before they become concerns. 

For the past 7 years, she has supercharged the growth of several brands as a Marketing and Branding Consultant. Before this, she spent 10+ years driving productivity and providing in-house client relationship management training for multiple departments in some of the top law firms in the Greater New York City area.

Loida is exceptionally passionate about building scalable systems and maximizing efficiency in response to client feedback. Her honest, solutions-driven approach builds relationships and fosters trust with our clients. 

When Loida’s not working

In her spare time, Loida is discovering local eateries and shops in Maine with her family and friends, trying new fitness routines, or drinking too many Turmeric Lattes while reading books. 

Loida’s involvement in Maine’s entrepreneurial community

Loida applies an entrepreneurial mindset to every challenge our clients face. She devotes herself to helping businesses thrive, regardless of whether they are just starting out or are listed on Wall Street. 

Her work as a volunteer Outreach Coordinator and Community Manager for WJZP 107.9 for the last 4 years is a testament to her desire to leave the community better than she found it.