Jody L. Wyatt, Esq.

Jody Wyatt

Areas of practice

Estate Planning
Business Law
Securities – Exempt

Licensed to practice in



Northeastern University

University of San Francisco School of Law


75 York Street
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 956-7472

Jody is in the relationship business.

She is not just about producing legal documents and transactions.  She builds trusted client relationships through diligent blending of in-depth legal knowledge and know-how with a personal connection caring not just about an immediate result for the client, but how it will affect their lives, their business and over all future well-being and success.  Jody’s goal is to assist clients to solve their needs, meet their goals and realize their vision now and in the years to come as a result of their working relationship.

Jody divides her practice into two areas: Business Law & Estate Planning.

Business Law:  Jody is energized counseling entrepreneurs, startups, and established businesses in multifarious transactions throughout a business’s lifecycle. Her niche is counseling entrepreneurs and businesses that need legal counsel but don’t have the resources to hire a staff attorney or engage a traditional hourly billable firm. Often, they either go it alone without counsel (risky) or keep an outside firm on an expensive retainer (costly). She has a decade plus experience counseling clients from supporting Tech 100 corporations in-house to helping entrepreneurs realize a dream of incorporation to drafting small business purchase agreements to negotiating licensing deals for non-profits.  Be it entity selection and formation, contracts negotiation and drafting, or management administration matters clients treasure the value of a smart attorney with the business acumen and legal know-how to guide them to success.

Estate Planning: Jody thrives on assisting individuals and families achieve the comfort and satisfaction that comes when they have prepared for the future by establishing an estate planning portfolio. She understands estate planning can be daunting and emotional.  She has the compassion and the expertise to help clients navigate and understand estate planning complexities.  Engaging with Jody to get your ducks in row and develop an estate planning portfolio can provide immense value by memorializing your wishes and intentions, providing privacy, protecting assets, preserving family relationships and easing the estate administration.  Her philosophy is proper and thorough planning is beneficial for everyone at all stages of life. Her talent is to connect to her clients and understand them and their estates holistically, be it assisting Millennials establish their first estate portfolio with essential planning docs to counseling the Greatest Generation on planning tools to preserve their legacy, her goal is to develop portfolios that meet clients individual needs and goals and enable them to have peace of mind.

What Jody does when she’s not working

Jody loves horses! She raises Arabian horses and trains and conditions them for endurance events. Her marquee ride was completing the 100 mile Tevis Cup. A native Mainer, she lives with her family and fur/feather babies in a coastal suburb of Portland on a 200 year old farm.

Jody’s involvement in Maine’s community

Jody enjoys volunteering and experiencing the joy of helping others. She served in volunteer services of Maine Medical Center and for the American Endurance Ride Conference serving as both a board of director and counsel.  She donates her heritage flocks’ surplus farm eggs to the Preble Street Soup Kitchen.