Advertising Law

Advertise smarter

Business owners must advertise to grow their client base and sell their products or services. For entrepreneurs and their marketing teams, knowing what not to say is just as important as knowing what to say and how to say it.

We provide guidance to companies as well as marketing agencies on:

    • Deceptive advertising rules under federal and state law
    • Affiliate marketing and reseller business models
    • Commercial defamation issues
    • Disclosure rules for product endorsements
    • Running sweepstakes campaigns
    • Comparing your products or services to your competitor’s
    • Use of trademarks in your advertisements
    • Online ad issues regarding SEO, use of keywords and social media
    • Compliance with marketing rules in regulated professions
    • Unique issues in marketing legal cannabis products

We counsel our clients both on how to comply with the relevant laws and how to take enforcement action against other companies infringing on our clients’ rights. Our attorneys also offer practical guidance on how companies and their outside marketing agencies should work together to mitigate legal risks.

Worldwide representation on issues of U.S. federal law

We work with companies around the world, from Europe to Silicon Valley to Maine, on issues of federal advertising law.

Competitive rates and fixed-fee services

We offer fixed-fee arrangements wherever possible. Contact attorneys Andrew Kraus or Adam Nyhan for more information about our advertising and marketing practice.